Chef Skyler was born and raised on a farm Southeast of Luverne. His love of cooking and all things “food” began as a child who enjoyed experimenting in his mother’s kitchen. The Bluestem is the culmination of a life long passion to own and operate his own kitchen, therefore resulting in the delicious cuisine you will experience dining at His restaurant.


Jessie is our financial and employee manager at The Bluestem. She is gifted in social media, employee relations, and quite often the friendly smile behind the bar mixing the perfect drink! Jessie is also a native of Luverne and a very vital part of The Bluestem team.


Jon has more experience than any other cook working the back line at The Bluestem. He is often Chef Sky’s right hand man in the daily operations of running the restaurant. He is involved in developing recipes and menu items, and works diligently to involve all kitchen staff in creating some of our most memorable dishes. Jon plays a key role in the success of The Bluestem and we are grateful to have him. Jon is also proud to proclaim that he is a home grown product of Luverne!